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A Bunch of BS Sauce!



Owner Kim Lemke knew he had a prized multi-purpose sauce when bottles of it were disappearing off the bar at Days Bowl A Dome in Wausau WI where he had worked for the last 25 years.

“If customers are stealing it I can probably sell it,” thought Lemke.

He also knew he was on to something as friends and acquaintances were offering to trade anything for a bottle or two of his homemade concoction. After three years and multiple tweaks to the recipe, original BS Sauce was perfected in 2011.Where did the name come from? When he was asking for advice a customer told him that he was one of the biggest BS’ers he had ever met. Kim’s BS Sauce was born.

This addictive, tangy condiment can be used as a barbeque sauce, marinade, or an all purpose dipping sauce. Kim has recently added horseradish, spicy, and roasted garlic to his sauce assortment.


BS Sauce can be used on pork, beef, chicken, seafood and in everything from meatloaf to bloody mary cocktails. The buzz seems to be that people are literally eating BS sauce on everything. I would like you the consumer, to get your BS on and check out this amazing all purpose barbeque, marinade, and dipping sauce that people all over the country are talking about. I am elated to be able to live out my dream and produce something that so many people love so much. 


Kim Lemke 
Kim’s BS Sauce President